A Little History of Limelight!

I hadn’t always been a lover of photography, but I always loved the photograph. That being said turning from a lover of photographs to a creator of photographs was kinda easy. No, my grandfather did not give me a box of cameras to play with. No, I didn’t daydream of winning a pulitzer prize. And no, I never wanted to work for Rolling Stone. What I did always dig, was the art of street photography. I remember reading an article about Joel Meyerowitz and his street photography in New York City and other cities. Very cool stuff, ey? So this would have been around 1999, I guess. I mentioned this to Kristy and I went and bought a very cheap camera. It was a film camera that I really didn’t know how to use all that well. That was okay, though. I was learning, and my passion was growing… quickly. Fast forward a couple years… Kristy and I wonder into the Sandwich Factory in Boardman, Ohio and I see an old friend, Don. We strike up a conversation and he tells me he’s really into photography. What was better, he was into street photography! I think we went to Beaver creek State Park and spent the day shooting landscapes and flowers and all that good stuff. Then we went out… everyday for the most part…. and perfected street shooting and urban landscapes. I never went to school or took a single online class. I learned on the fly. When people ask me for advise, thats the best I can give. Skip the silly classes and go out and shoot. Everyday. The world is your pallet. Fast forward a few more years…. “Your shots are really cool, do you shoot weddings?” I can remember thinking… ‘Well how hard can it be?’ I shrugged my shoulders and said I could. I helped a friend out as an assistant, first. I did okay, I guess. The first wedding I shot was in Austintown, Ohio. We went to Millcreek Park for pictures. I remember thinking how fun this was. I also remember thinking how great it would be to do this every weekend. So, shortly after I started Limelight-Images. (The name is from the Rush song Limelight. I like the line ‘Living in a fisheye lens’.” As time clicked by, I taught Kristy to shoot and she became my partner. I have been very lucky to have such a great company. Hundreds of weddings later, I still love what I do. I still look forward to wedding days. I still get excited about saturdays! I have met and become friends with some of the best people in the world. I have been lucky to shoot weddings in some really great locations in the world. I have the best job in the world.